Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rated S for Senseless

In the wake of the new movie that came out called Orphans, Tom Davis is trying to rally 500 people to write positive blog posts about how an orphan has impacted and changed their lives. I am more than happy to take part in this challenge. My life has not been impacted by ANYTHING else in as large and positive a manner as it has by orphans.

As far as the movie goes - it really should be rated like this:

Tom has asked us to simply open up with this sentence and finish it:

Warner Bros. new horror movie Orphan proclaims that it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own. Let me tell you about how an orphan changed my life...
Most of you reading this are pretty aware of the impact orphans have had on our lives. So I will give you a short list of how they have impacted me. Here is the first orphan that crawled inside my heart and changed me from the inside out:

Brighton Asher Hoffman lived for 76 days and touched me in so many different ways without ever getting the chance for me to touch him. He impacted so many people in his short little life - more than I ever will. I have the saved voice mail and email and text messages to show it.

He made me:
  • Want to care more
  • Want to give more
  • Want to change for the better
  • Learn to love like Jesus loves
  • Realize it's not all about me
Then there was this orphan - who took up shop in what was left of my heart after Brighton had stolen most of it and she gripped it so tight it hurt at times.

Meron Asher Hoffman came in to our lives shortly after Brighton passed away and she helped to partially heal wounds that hurt more than any physical pain we had ever experienced.

And anyone who doubts that an orphan can be chosen for you by God and know of your existence as their family and mother and father - I challenge you to look at this picture and tell me that Meron doesn't know what's going on. This was about 5 seconds after "meeting" each other for the first time:

She is staring directly in to her mother's eyes and she knows that God made a family for her from day one - He knew her in the womb and he brought her to the family she was intended for.

And here is Meron 3 weeks ago - no longer an "orphan" but a little 1.5 year old girl loving every single thing about life.

She has shown me:
  • How to really pray
  • How to get right back up after falling repeatedly
  • How to smile... and mean it
  • How to treat others
  • How to love with no conditions and no holding back
  • How to be a child of God and trust Him with it all
I could probably go on for days and days about this movie that came out. I am learning to be a little more diplomatic about my approach when it comes to this stuff though. And even though at times I still wish that everybody would adopt - I am learning that adoption is most assuredly not for everyone. I personally know people that by their actions or comments would never have the capacity to love something or someone that they didn't feel they were part of creating. And to that I say - "you're right" - they shouldn't support orphans through adoption.

I just wish I could loan them my spirit, my soul, my heart and mind for a week - so they could just experience what these orphans have done to my life. My world. My spirit. My relationship with our awesome and loving God.

Back to the movie. With any luck it will be relegated to the B-movie shelf at the video rental store and will disappear from the mainstream quickly. But what won't disappear any time soon is the real horror - the true horror of the orphan. The horrific fact that there are 145+ million orphans in this world. That every day thousands of them are dying in Africa and other countries around the world.

That's the real horror. Now what are we going to do about it?


Steph said...

Awesomely (is that a real word?) said!

Unknown said...

Beautiful words representing beautiful family!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

truly moving !!!! if only i could take my heart out of my chest and show people the depth of my love for all my children they would never wonder again about the beauty of adoption ....

thanks for always making a difference !!!

Michael said...

Well said. Your last comment brings to mind the starfish story. You can make a difference one starfish at a time. You make a difference by enlightening others with your story and inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. Each of us can make a difference one child at a time and by changing one heart at a time.


Jennifer Eastland said...

You have said so eloquently what I sometimes want to scream at people...especially the ones who look at my 4 adopted boys and 1 biological girl and say, "Well, I know which one is really yours!" I could just spit at them. But that wouldn't help the cause...or change their closed I don't. But I do answer proudly, "They are ALL mine, praise God, and I wouldn't trade my life with anyonr else's in the world!" Blessings to you and Laura and Meron from New Orleans!

Unknown said...

Powerful post. So well written and so important.

Kim said...

Inspirational post! The first picture of the three of you will always be one of my favorites and one that truly says "It is worth the wait!"

emily said...

Beautiful. I also think of all of the amazing people (you, Laura, Miss Meron for ex) that I have met through the process that truly have impacted my life in such a positve way! Adoption is such a gift. :)

adrian.crawford said...

It saddens me to read the comments on the reviews that Tom linked to.

Here's one:

"i have to say… the movie centers around an adopted girl who is (as far as i can tell) possessed by evil of some sort. how is that offensive? i would be surprised if anyone even takes a moment to think twice about her being adopted."

That right there should be enough to give you pause. How is being "possessed by evil of some sort" offensive? How is it NOT offensive to God? And then to use an already disadvantaged population(orphans) that have to struggle through preconceived notions to find homes is beyond offensive and wicked.

Nothing is sacred anymore. We live in a wicked, depraved world. People will call you soft, PC, and self-righteous for opposing this film. But taking a stand on what's right is more important.

Go cash your check Leo DiCaprio(producer), and be warned:

"For the wicked boasts of the desires of his soul, and the one greedy for gain curses and renounces the Lord." (Psalm 10:3)

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Great post about our orphans have touched our lives. Our children were truly destined to be ours and we feel that Lennah was meant to be ours and through a small word spoken we were taken to you guys who helped bring us our second daughter. The Lord is amazing and our children are his blessing to us.