Thursday, April 15, 2010

He Just Looking at Me

I know we've said it before, but Meron LOVES our dogs. I mean she really loves them. Especially Clay.

This past Sunday, she was all dressed up for church and decided to go lay with Clay for a while. I said, "Meron, what's going on?"

Her response:

"He Just Looking At Me."
I am so happy she has a Clay to hang out and just look at...


Anonymous said...

How adorable - Meron and Clay just looking at each other shows so much love! That little girl just knows how to love for sure!! She makes me smile every day! I love her - nana in PA xoxoxoxo

Angela said...

Sweet pictures! We need to meet at the dog park again sometime. :-)

Robbin Hopkins said...

too cute!! love the dress and the afro puff!!!! She is just such a sweet girl!