Saturday, May 15, 2010

Papa's Yellow Roses

6 years ago Laura's Papa came down to our house to help us with some landscaping. One of his hobbies was gardening and his specialty was roses. So while he was here he ran circles around us in the yard and planted a bunch of rose bushes for us. We've enjoyed them since - some years with better blooms than others.

Earlier this year he was called home to be with his heavenly father. And though we miss him greatly - we find peace in knowing he is whole again and holding Brighton for us.

Laura recently shared with me that she had been talking to God and really praying for a good bloom this year from her Papa's roses. And right now - even though the rest of the yard is kinda hurting - there is quite a bit of yellow bursting forth from the bed her Papa prepared for us.

Thank you God - for knowing our hearts, knowing our minds and loving us so much that you actually care about the little details that we care about.


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Amy said...

Wow, I cried while reading this post. I too, have a Papa, who was a handyman with a green thumb. I miss him so much, but, I know he is with my grandmother and Tamirat, making sure that our little guy feels safe and loved.

The yellow roses are a beautiful way of remembering your grandfather.

Angela said...

Beautiful post and beautiful roses.