Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going Back to Africa

After more than a year of paperwork and mostly waiting and praying - we hit one of the milestones in our journey to LH3! Laura boarded a plane today for Ethiopia for our court date! I am staying home with the Meronator while Laura does the work for us in country.

She brought along her mom and a great friend Tamara and they'll also be putting in some work as the hands and feet while they are there - visiting Korah, our partner orphanage and some other spots.

It was tough to say goodbye after just being home a few weeks - but I couldn't be more proud to be married to this girl who loves God, loves orphans and loves putting in work in His name. I am crazy blessed.

Meron struggled with it a little bit more - she was crying for her mommy before we left the airport! But the day got better and we had an awesome night together. The girl is 3 - and I kid you not - this was what she prayed tonight before dinner:

"Dear God, thank you for mommy. Thank you for safe travel. Thank you for time spent with my daddy tonight. In Jesus name. Amen."
And after dinner I told her she could go play or do whatever she wanted while i cleaned up the kitchen and her ridiculously adult-like response was this:
"Ummm... actually I'd rather help you."



I've started to just roll with it - she's just smarter than I am - I'll learn to deal with it.

Thanking God tonight for blessings in the shape of wives and kids. We should never overlook them...


NaCole said...

Praise God for His many blessings. Joining you in trusting Him for safe travels easy delivery.

The Mrs. said...

Praying for Laura's trip! I can't wait for her to see that sweet girl! Enjoy the Daddy/daughter time.

Unknown said...

May God keep Laura, her mom and her friend safe during this trip. You two are such a great couple with BIG heart. I bet Meron ready and excited about being a big sister. Hope to see the next trip soon to unite the family under the same roof.