Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Love From The Sunshine State

We were extremely blessed tonight to have a huge supporter of Brighton Their World from Florida come through Atlanta with a big load of formula, blankets and love!

Sylvia and her group at Parkview Baptist Church gathered formula, money, blankets and love for us to send to our partner orphanage.

And not only that - but we got to hang out with Sylvia and learn about her heart for orphans and her uniquely designed family. God has just been blessing us time and time again with special people stepping up to fight the fight with us.

Meron was super pumped to have some company and I am pretty sure Sylvia got adequately meronated!

Thanks so much Sylvia for all you've done and your future plans to stand with us!

1 comment:

cshows said...

I'm in tears reading this - I love that I'm related to her :-).

Keep up the good work that God started, guy. Love this!