Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Man Up!

What's wrong with dudes? I mean seriously... guys are kinda... weak. Or maybe it's wack. Or both....

I take part in these mission trips and I watch them fill up so quickly with females just jumping to go serve others... but where are the guys? They're few and far between - that's for sure. What is it... are you busy leading your household? Hopping on one of these trips is probably the best thing you could do for your household!

I read this quote somewhere and it is SO true:

"The war on poverty/orphans is the first war where men are happy sitting on the sidelines and being the cheerleaders."
That's some hard truth right there... but it gets worse.

Over the past few weeks I have heard multiple stories of guys/dads just bailing on their families. Just saying "Forget it!" and checking out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Willfully making decisions early on in life that can and will affect their family FOREVER. Breaking down their families instead of building them up.

Some of these stories have hit closer to home than others.

And those literally pain me.

But to all of them I say "Man Up!" Some of you are so far past it that it almost seems unfix-able. You'll have to deal with regrets later and your family will deal with the fallout of your decisions at some point.

But others are at a point where you can STOP the nonsense, STOP the madness and make the right decisions. Is there really any other choice? Do what's right! You got little eyes watching your every move - and trust me - they're smarter than you could ever think. They KNOW what's up. They really do...

So make the right decisions - before it's too late - and your kids/family don't care anymore...

Got your family involvement on lock down and ready to step it up a notch? Join one of the "Man Up" trips that Visiting Orphans offers and show your family how a real man lives!
DISCLAIMER: I am BY NO MEANS perfect or getting it right - that's for sure. Just trying my best to be what I am supposed to be but finding myself shocked by the lack of effort I see sometimes... just some thoughts in my head, thats all...

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