Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love You Sister!

A little bit before Meron came home with us - her cousins in Arkansas went to Build-A-Bear and made her the softest stuffed rabbit with a recording in its arm of them saying "We Love You Meron!"

Meron absolutely ADORES this thing (matter of fact - she took it to school for show and tell today!). Tonight she asked if she could go make one for sister... so off to the mall is where we went.

Of course it HAD to be a bunny like hers and she was so cute when she recorded the message. I think she was nervous because it took us about 15 tries - but we finally nailed it.

Then we had to name it. She immediately named it "Bunny" but when I explained to her that would be like her being named "Girl" I think she got it. So we sat and leafed through the name book until she settled on...

...Brittany. With an "A." She was pretty insistent on that "A" spelling.

Mebrate - we can not WAIT to welcome you home with some hugs, some kisses and a stuffed rabbit that talks!


Emy said...

Awe, so sweet! Ben made that same bunny for Eva right before she came home and it's still a favorite of hers too!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Sweet story, sweet bunny. I am impressed that she heard the A sound in the middle of the name. If she is not reading she will be any time now. Hearing middle vowel sounds shows incredible phonetic awareness!

Rachel said...

This is so sweet!