Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yes He Is!

I got this in the mail today.

And then I spent a good majority of the rest of the day lamenting over WHY it has had to come to this. It shouldn't have to. It just shouldn't be this difficult.

"But we live in a fallen world Tymm," is what inner-Tymm said to myself. And it's true. But it still sucks.

Later on this evening Meron and I were driving and we passed this little nugget of awesomeness painted on a building...

And it hit us hard... He is in this city. Here. In the good old USA. And there. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. And everywhere in between.

The reality of God's presence in HIS kingdom kinda pimp-slapped us in the face.

So we stopped to shout about it!

And we felt exponentially better afterwards.

See... people can drag us down. Entities, agencies, organizations, clubs, groups, etc. - they can slow things down to a bureaucratic crawl.... Satan can try his best to trip us up with his mastery of confusion...

But nothing... and I mean NOTHING can get in the way of God.

And that's what we're banking on right now.

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Unknown said...

Tymm- I wish there was something we could do..anything to help get your family all under one roof. Please know we think of you guys often and mention your family in our prayers every night.
Natalia, Justin, and Cami