Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here a Shot, There a Shot...

We took Mebrate in this week for her first check up. I always love the initial one... you know - the visit before the shots have happened. She was a blast in there - so good, so happy.

Our doctor was really impressed with her and she breezed through with flying colors.

The down side? Oh - that'd be the six shots our girl had to get. She was NOT HAPPY.

I left the appointment for work feeling terrible for her - she's a wee bit dramatic and was pouring it on heavy - so I wasn't sure how she'd be feeling when I got home.

But I came home to the same ole happy-go-lucky crazy little Hoffman that I have grown used to (and fond of!).

Way to go Mebrate! You took those six shots like a trooper (next up... blood work... gulp...)

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