Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brighton Keeps Impacting

This past Sunday this group of folks (and some who slid out before I snapped the picture) blessed us in a big, huge way.

Chris - a friend who I go back 20 years with - and his Sunday school class rallied around Brighton Their World. They gathered formula. They invited us to come share Brighton's story. They prayed over us and plan to stay praying with us going forward.

All on their own, I might add. They reached out to us. We don't even go to this church. I was floored...

See - sometimes I can get a little cynical about the church. Heck - it's not a hard thing to do. But God used this group of Jesus-loving people right down the street from us to restore some hope in me. I LOVE seeing the local church die to self and look past their own front doors.

And these guys are doing it.

Thanks so much Chris for spearheading this... and huge thanks to your whole class for loving us, praying with us and saving lives with us.

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