Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EthiopiaSmile 2011 - Day 2

Even after just a few hours of sleep - everybody was up and at 'em way early. We had good reason to be - today we were going to be part of a Wheels for Humanity wheelchair distribution. And man... it was cool.

They had shipped over TONS of rugged wheelchairs - made specifically for Africa's tough terrain.

Watching the faces of the recipients was some of the best stuff ever! These chairs were like a new beginning for some of them - mobility...

We were able to take part in the fitting and distribution of a bunch of them.

But the best part - at least to me - was watching these guys just tear down the street with a new found freedom to roll...

Afterwards we headed to a local church for a morning service. I always love attending church in Africa. We had to sneak out early for a lunch reservation at Top View but it was still worth it - lots of worshiping - they do it best in Africa!

Our fearless leader Moody missed all of this as he spent the morning fighting with customs AGAIN on the behalf of our equipment and supplies.

The rest of the day was a rest day until we got back together at dinner to eat as a team, prep what supplies we did have and go over our plans for the next day.

Tomorrow would be our first dental ministry day!


Unknown said...

Wow. I am sooo jealous and proud. Proud of all you for what you did, jealous over experiencing all that!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Awesome. I got to deliver wheelchairs in Zim, and it was quite an experience. So glad you had the opportunity. Love the photos of the guys rolling away. Such new freedom.