Friday, October 7, 2011

EthiopiaSmile 2011 - Days 4-6 (Korah)

The next 3 days of dental work happened in Korah. If you've been reading along here for a bit - you've heard us talk about Korah before. Laura has served there and I have served there - and though it's the spot in Addis where the outcasts and least are kind of pushed to - God is all up in there.

It's right where we wanted to be.

Big thanks to Tamara for securing a great spot for us to set up shop in. Low light? Yep. Crowded? Yep. Bathrooms? Nope. Excellent spot for God to work through people willing to be His hands and feet? You know this...

Free dental work? Uh - hello! People were lining up...

It was hard not to spend TOO much time with our patients as we buddied them through...

Check out some of the great work being done in our three days in Korah...

This guy was an extra special case for me. His name is Yohilow. When he came in - he was silently weeping - either in fear or in pain. The buddy handlers grabbed me and asked me if I would be his buddy... I felt God saying "He needs compassion."

See - Ethiopians don't cry. They don't show a ton of emotions. So for this grown man to be weeping, tears silently rolling down his cheeks... he HAD to be hurting.

We really numbed him up and them immediately gave him pain pills and water. All the while I kept a hand on him - trying somehow to comfort him.

He had two teeth to come out. The first one was a breeze. Then we started the second one. We worked for a while. It was tough. We called in Chip - the big gun - he got called in when the going go tough. All the while Yohilow was a real trooper.

All in all I spent about an hour with Yohilow. We ended up not being able to get his second tooth out. It had fused to his jaw bone and we simply couldn't get it out with the tools we had.

As I walked him out, I grabbed his name tag sticker as I told him goodbye. That night I stuck it in my bible and I have been praying for him since. He really snatched a hold of my heart...

We also had a few celebrations during those days. The first was the cross burning. Sounds terrifying - doesn't it? Well - what goes down is this - the Orthodox religious there believe that after Jesus was executed on the cross - the cross was actually broken up. And they believe that a portion of the actual cross was found in Ethiopia.

They commemorate this by stacking up flammable wood, boxes, flowers, etc and lighting it on fire and dancing around it until all that is left is the cross from the inside. It was interesting and cool to be around for this celebration!

Another celebration was for one of our leaders - Emily - turned 40! We had a traditional dinner complete with dancing and a huge cake with rockets on it! Too fun! Happy Birthday Emily!

We left our 3 days in Korah having treated over 200 patients each day. With our supplies still being held at customs - this shouldn't have been possible. But our God is in the business of impossibilities.

We basically experienced a modern day feeding of the 5,000 as it pertained to our lidacaine and other meds.

After 3 days - we were spent. It was time for a good night's rest because the next day - Friday - an incredible adventure was waiting for us.

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Can't wait to read about the next days adventure! It sounds like you were already on an adventure to me!!