Sunday, February 5, 2012

Running For Brighton - Race #22

5:00 AM alarm clock on a Sunday means one thing - another Running For Brighton Race. This one was going to be cool because a friend of mine was running it with me and it was his first trail race.

But I was worried. My trip to Africa lent to 3 weeks of ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING. GULP! I had 3 weeks to prepare - so I ran like a nut (well at least for me). 107 miles in 3 weeks. Now - that's not a lot for a lot of these trail runner guys and girls. But for me - between 40+ hour work weeks, school, Brighton Their World, the girls, etc... - 107 miles in 3 weeks is unheard of!

Turns out I was just fine. A beautiful course, with super-friendly runners and great weather. First 3 miles or so tricked me and then the hills started. You were either going up or coming down. Very little in between. And just when I started griping about going out too fast and sore legs and too many hills - God pressed it on me why I was running these things again. They help remind me of the struggles the 163+ million orphans in this world deal with.

I have heard it said "Runners know suffering." And that's true. But orphans know it on a level we can barely imagine.

So I run. A mediocre sprinter who thought anything over 400 meters was "long distance" runs these things to remember my son. His life. And all the others just like him across the globe.

Meron always loves to show off the "goods" afterwards. And seeing her in it just makes me smile. Can't wait til her and Mebrate are running one of these with me. It's bound to be soon.

You wanna help out an orphan or two (or a million)? It's real easy - just ask us about ways to get involved or connect with us at "Brighton Their World" as we try to bring new and exciting opportunities for EVERYBODY to help brighten the world of orphans around the globe.

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Anonymous said...

One of the people at our Church who is going with you on your next mission trip with Visiting Orphans, told me yesterday that she would like to take formula in a suitcase on her trip. Keep these "mules" in mind.
NC Granny