Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Most Honest Girl In The World

When I walked into school to drop the girls off this morning the staff grabbed me at the front desk and were all "We got it wrong! You guys gotta be here today," (then whispering and pointing at Meron) "She's getting an award!"

A quick call to Laura and a quick call to her boss later and we were sitting in the church watching our girl walk up on stage...

... to accept this.

Ms. Tukuru - her teacher - was announcing it and when she announced Meron was winning the "Most Honest" Student of the Month award, she said "This is the most honest girl in the world."

That's true too - the girl will rat herself out all the time - but theres something really special about having other people recognize her character like that.

Meron was pretty proud of it all - but most excited that her mommy and daddy were there to watch it go down.

She was a little shy up on that stage... me? I was about in tears.

Afterwards we got a picture with Ms. Tukuru. This teacher has poured so much biblical truth into our girl - we just wish she could graduate with Meron and continue right on up through school with her.

I know any parent would be teary and proud - but it's these moments in her life when I can't help but think about her story and where she has come from. It seems so random and crazy and lucky - but I know it isn't...

When I tucked her in tonight I told her again how proud of her the entire family was and I reminded her that THIS was the girl that God built. This young lady was exactly who God planned her to be. An honest, loving, happy, smiley, caring, praying little daughter of a King. She giggled, smiled real big and said:

"I know Daddy!"
And He planned her to be right here with us too. I am so glad "you know" Meron.

Your mommy and daddy love you SO MUCH. We hope you know that too girl...

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