Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A New Do For The Mebster

I came home from work with a ridiculously fast-acting adult-onset earache. Near tears with pain I stumbled into the bedroom, gulped a big fat pain pill and slept.

A few hours later the door cracked open - and from the hall light I could see the silhouette of Meron - but who was that with her? I didn't recognize the head/hair shape. For a second I thought the pain in my ear had overtaken my brain... until I heard Meron say:

"Introducing... Mebrate's new hair do!"
Then she flicked the light on and about blinded me.

And I saw Mebrate - beaming with pride about her new hair do...

Apparently mommy had gotten busy while I was crashed out...

Mebrate had wanted her hair "long like Meron's" and so creative mommy swooped in and gave her the best do she could ask for.

Looking good girl. Looking GOOD!

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