Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer In The Key of Seuss

At a weekly bible study I go to the topic of prayer came up. Is it worthwhile? Does it matter? Is it just done out of obedience or is there more to it? Tons of good questions, lots of discussion.

And I couldn't turn my mind off about it - so I ran and I prayed and I gathered those thoughts up and spit 'em out in a rhyme. Here we go...

Prayer In The Key of Seuss
You can argue the tenets of prayer and it's impact,
And debate if they make it to Heaven still intact;

You can question the doctrine and doubt our great Father,
Even get to a point where you just say - "Why Bother?"

You can hem and can haw, you can barter, finangle,
You can hate it, reject it, with the truth you can wrangle;

But God is still sovereign, He's bigger than you,
He's bigger than us and the crap we go through;

If His hand holds your name and He knows all your hairs,
How on earth could He ever not care for your prayers?

He may know all the outcomes before they can happen,
Heck - He knew I would write this, He knows I like rappin';

But just cuz He knows it don't mean He's not wishin',
That I'd get involved and join Him on His mission;

That my heart, and my thoughts and the prayers that I murmur,
Would line up with His - and in that - become firmer;

That the "me" and the "He" would become more like one,
That through all of our prayers - towards His will we would run;

That the channels between us would become more wide open,
I've just got to believe this is what He is hoping;

For it's not just mere words, it's the way that He sees us,
And it's pretty much the one thing we can do just like Jesus;

So for me - I'm gonna do it - without worry or fetter,
With the hope that my "oneship" with God becomes better!
Prayer. It matters.

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Donna said...

LOVE it!! You are so darn creative :)