Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Number One

I know the topic of this blog pretty much sticks to my girls and I've done a pretty good daily job of including them for the past 4.5 years. All but one of them - I don't talk about this girl right here enough. My number one.

Let's get past the obvious - I know I married up. Ya think that's lost on me? Nope. But that's the least of what makes her so incredible. I love every single thing about this girl...

The way she loves our girls. The way she allowed her heart to break for what breaks His and then be brave and crazy enough to do something about it. The way she faces tough life crossroads and decisions with integrity and morality and wisdom.

The way she gets along so awesomely with my family. She loves them like she's known them forever!

And I especially love the way she makes me better. In a photograph or in life - it's ALWAYS better with her by my side.

Laura - I am super proud to be your husband! Can't wait to see what life is gonna bring us next!

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Malialani. said...

This was a great blog, I love the stuff about your girls but it was nice to hear about your wife and the love you share :]