Tuesday, April 30, 2013


They're just kids. Two silly, goofy, temperamental, selfish (at times), fun-loving, care-free kids. Kids - like every other kid. They like to snack. They hate to nap. They love TV. And playing outside. They whine. They pout. They toot. They laugh at their toots. They smile and giggle... a lot.

But they're so much more. I pray pretty regularly that one day God will help me convey to them and they will start to see and understand the insane, huge, deep, monumental, glorious story God has been writing with their lives.

That they will see the impact they have made - that they will see just how important they are and how much they matter to... God.

Meron and Mebbie - you keep shining for Him. Never, ever, ever stop...

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