Thursday, October 31, 2013

Troy and Jessie and a Dinosaur

It was that time of year again... time for this crazy group of friends to get together and do a little trick-or-treating like they have for the last 6 years!

This year we had Jessie from Toy Story and Meron decided to reprise her role from 2010 and be Troy Polamalu again!

Mebbie rocked the Jessie look in a great way - complete with long red braid and everything!

And then there was Meron - she took her role VERY seriously!

I half expected to see her coming over the top of the group of kids to snatch her candy!

Our newcomer was a little bit apprehensive at first...

Until he realized he could get pulled around while chomping on chocolate. That changed his attitude REAL quick!

The girls put in some serious work during their hustle...

Stopping only for a brief second to catch their breath...

Before they were right back at it again... with one goal in mind...

To fill their little candy collectors right up!

And judging from the smiles I saw splashed across these faces...

I think it's very fair to say...

They all had a GREAT time!

Thanks friends for another fun-filled night... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Miracle Dog

That's Meron with Clay Bear - full name Captain Clayton Baker Bear Hoffman - our furry buddy who has been with us for EVER. He will be 14 in the spring... so he is staring down the barrel of 98 in doggie years.

Last week - he wasn't acting like himself - and both Laura and I started getting uneasy... well - because... he is staring down the barrel of 98 in doggie years. Ya know what I mean? Plus - he is 3 years past a cancer diagnosis and still going strong (untreated)...

His one eye was drooping BAD and he was kinda stumbling and not eating normal and generally not being himself.

We got him a doctor's appointment and took him in with bated breath. See - those girls up there ADORE this guy. They love him to death... so I was very worried what the doc would say.

imagine my surprise when they said he just had an eye infection that had dropped the pressure in his eye. They gave him some eye drops and sent him on his way - but not before checking him over and basically declaring - "This guy is a miracle dog!"

He has since been back and gotten a good report on his eye, he's acting more like himself and finishing his food too. So for now... crisis averted. We know he won't be with us forever - but tonight - we'll take him as he is...


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cookie Making Introduction

Tonight - our good friend Heather got to introduce Zechariah to something she has been doing seasonally with the girls for like... ever. MAKING COOKIES!

She has always done this with the girls throughout the year - and this time it was time for some pumpkin shaped cookies and some neat crafts to celebrate the fall season.

Zechie jumped right in - no questions asked! Icing all up the arm and everything...

Judging by the looks of things here - me thinks he enjoyed it!

Heather - i KNOW it's a circus when ya get all of our crazies together but thank you for loving our family the way you do!

We are forever grateful for your love... and the cookies!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Boxes with Blankets and Bags (Oh My!)

The mailman dropped a box on the front porch this afternoon with some goodies for the kids.

Aunt Stacy has given both of the girls a Disney blanket with their name on it - and I swear - it is the most used object of ANYTHING that they own. Daily they pull them out...

And she delivered today for Zechie too with his very own Monster's University blanket. He was stoked!

There also happened to be two Vera Bradley purses in there that were "Oh my gosh! Just like my cousin Ansley's!" and a stack of clothes for Zechariah!

You spoil these guys Aunt Stacy - you really do! (they insisted on pictures of each of them alone with Zechie)...

Thanks so much for loving these guys the way you do!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Pumpkin Pie Commissioning

Recently I was commissioned by this group of gals to make one of my pumpkin pies. See - I always make the Thanksgiving pumpkin pies and they were itching to try one out. I finally got around to it today...

Laura was protecting her piece like she had "just found where da gold's at..."

Meron's eyes give away her emotions every time - and I think she was happy!

And then there was Mebbie. Sweet, calm, reserved Mebbie - looking like she just won first place at a Pumpkin Pie Princess Pageant.

Overall - i think they all loved it.

Let's put it this way - Laura was digging in to slice #2 as i headed down here to post this.

Pumpkin pie success - look out Thanksgiving... pies on us!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Smile, A Balloon and Footie Jammies

The title sums it up folks...

Keep doing you Zechie - it fits ya well!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Daddy Duties

Man - I think about my job as a dad to these girls all the time... probably too much. Sometimes it scares me.

With Zechie it's different - at least I can model for him how to act, how to behave, how to treat women, etc. And the stakes aren't necessarily higher when you're the dad to a daughter - they're just different. The way they allow themselves to be treated later in life can be formed right here. Right now.

Hey no pressure, right? See what I mean? I ponder this stuff. I guess it's good... it's better than never thinking about it.

Girls - daddy is trying his best - asking God to lead me and really trying to be intentional. I wrote this rhyme today while thinking about you two... for all the daddies of daughters out there - but mainly for me...


it's scary to think about but really we oughtta,
the impact we have as a dad on our daughter;

it's three fold, it's four fold, it's so many more fold,
from 22 months til they're 64 years old;

the presence of you in their life is so needed,
so that they can sow the good stuff you have seeded;

And that good stuff is crucial, it defines how they live,
Like loving and caring and learning to give;

And where will they learn that if you're not around?
I'm not trying go deep or be extra profound,

But the truth is quite sound and the facts can be found,
You ARE God to them - it's how you've been crowned;

Their world's quite tiny and you are their ruler,
And to be honest there's no job that could ever be cooler;

But scary? Oh very - yes this job's very scary,
Some may think it is easy - but OH!, quite contrary;

do not take it lightly, don't ever assume,
that they came out the womb all just ready to bloom;

they need guidance, example, and love that is ample,
they need you in the NOW or their future you'll trample;

they need hugs, they need kisses and lots of respect,
so later in life these things they can collect;

but ask before touching so that they grow to know,
that their body is theirs and it's okay to say "NO!"

forgive them a lot so they'll know that God does,
And do things for no reason... ya know, "Just because..."

Show them value and esteem, let them know they have worth,
Both to you as your girl and as humans on earth;

For the relationships they make later on in this world,
Will all start and stop with how you treat your girl;

If you show her respect - well guess what will come next?
Respect will be something she'll come to expect;

And the tiny things too - they matter - they do...
Like a kiss before work or a high five from you;

And as dads we all joke "I better go buy a gun!"
But if you pull this off right you won't even need one;

Cuz your girl will know RIGHT when she sees it for sure,
And she'll be quick to show WRONG the way straight out the door;

So no worries, no stress, just try hard, do your best,
Be present, be real and watch your girl grow up blessed;

And if ya do that I bet some day way down the road,
Your little girl will say "Thanks Dad!" for carrying that load....

I love you guys and promise to keep trying as hard as I can to be the best daddy possible!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Great Pumpkin(s)

We finally got the chance this past weekend to sit down and introduce Zechie to the fine art of pumpkin carving!

First - I got tasked with cutting the tops into lids...

Somebody was more attentive than I've ever seen him! The pumpkins had him captivated...

Next it was time to line 'em up and gut 'em out. This year - I was letting THEM do the deed...

Some of us dove right in while some others were not quite as excited about the task at hand!

And then there was Z-man - who was both a little confused and a wee bit freaked out!

Finally - they settled in to draw their designs on their pumpkins - and I got to work with the knives again to create their masterpieces...

Mebbie went for the slightly scary look with the jacked-up teeth...

Meron went with glamorous of course...

And Zechariah (with a little help from us) went with smiley... seems to fit him these days!

Great job guys - mommy and daddy had a blast with ya!

Stay scary ya little Halloweenies!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top Notch Big Sisters

I know it's kinda been a ZechieFest around these parts lately... and it's hard not to make it that when he looks so stinking cute and smiley all the time!

But I'd be remiss if I didn't take a second to talk about how down right INCREDIBLE these two girls have been...

They have fallen into their roles as big sisters seamlessly - showering their brother with love, helping him with discipline and learning, kissing, hugging and just generally being the family he has missed for the past 22 months...

All the while never shirking their responsibilities as sisters to each other - matter of fact - dare I say they have even grown closer since Z-man has been home!

I couldn't be more proud of who they are!

Oh - don't get me wrong - it's exhausting work being dope, kick-butt big sisters. As Meron will tell you for sure...

But these two have been more than ready to take on the challenge...

Girls - your selfless hard work has not been missed - Daddy is SUPER PROUD of you guys!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


His shirts says it all really...


The problem is... he KNOWS it. And he works it like a boss!

We love you and ALL of your irresistible charm Zechie!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Funny Hats and Hairy Heads (and faces)

The girls saw me throw on my goofy hat to go out and build the fire and they had to hustle and find theirs too so we could all look alike...

There were goofy hats all around and not to mention lots of crazy hair (on heads and faces)...

I love that the girls still wanna dress like me - Meron actually asked me to go get some boots like hers so we could be "twins..."

Girls - as long as you'll have me - I'll be in your club! (no high heels please)...