Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Miracle Dog

That's Meron with Clay Bear - full name Captain Clayton Baker Bear Hoffman - our furry buddy who has been with us for EVER. He will be 14 in the spring... so he is staring down the barrel of 98 in doggie years.

Last week - he wasn't acting like himself - and both Laura and I started getting uneasy... well - because... he is staring down the barrel of 98 in doggie years. Ya know what I mean? Plus - he is 3 years past a cancer diagnosis and still going strong (untreated)...

His one eye was drooping BAD and he was kinda stumbling and not eating normal and generally not being himself.

We got him a doctor's appointment and took him in with bated breath. See - those girls up there ADORE this guy. They love him to death... so I was very worried what the doc would say.

imagine my surprise when they said he just had an eye infection that had dropped the pressure in his eye. They gave him some eye drops and sent him on his way - but not before checking him over and basically declaring - "This guy is a miracle dog!"

He has since been back and gotten a good report on his eye, he's acting more like himself and finishing his food too. So for now... crisis averted. We know he won't be with us forever - but tonight - we'll take him as he is...


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