Thursday, October 10, 2013

She Gave Me Her Heart

I absolutely love this girl right here. So much. I think I showed you guys not too long ago how she has my heart. She carries it everywhere...

Well tonight I was getting ready to leave for a flag football game and I was handing out hugs and kisses when she said:

"No daddy! You can't leave yet! I have been working on something for you..."
And she proceeded to hand me this envelope...

She wanted me to open it right then so I dug in. She was watching - big huge smile spreading across her face...

Inside was a necklace, a dinosaur with her name on it... and the exact same drawing of a heart like I had given her - only this one said: "Meron Heart!"

She had given me her heart. I absolutely adore it. I pulled her in for a gigantic bear hug and she said:
"You can take it with you tonight... to your game. You can take it everywhere you go."
And that's what I plan on doing...

Words cannot adequately describe the love I have for this little girl.

I see God in you every single day Meron - daddy LOVES you!

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