Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We SHOULD Look Different!

So... a long time regular reader of our blog (and sometimes rude writer of comments) recently wrote about me on their own blog. I won't link to it because honestly it's kinda poorly written, hard to follow and all-around nonsensical... but suffice it to say, it wasn't very nice. Or flattering.

In a nutshell - they took all the horrible, icky, sinful attributes of my life before I knew Christ - listed them out and basically questioned my relationship with Him now - saying "How could he profess to be a Christian... look how he was?"

For the record - this person knew me well before I came to know Christ. However, they haven't spent one single minute with me since I have come to know Him. All they know about me is from our blog - and what they see and read doesn't match up with what they knew of me then - and so they pass judgement and say "no way he knows this Jesus dude."

Admittedly - at first I was hurt. I almost even questioned my own heart... but God put that in check quickly. On my run tonight it hit me (well - He hit me!) - we SHOULD ABSOLUTELY LOOK DIFFERENT to those who knew us before we knew Christ. How does one come to know Jesus and experience a serious change of their heart without looking outwardly different? I don't think they do.

So now - to the mean, ugly, vindictive (and honestly cowardly) person who wrote about me and my relationship with Jesus - I say "Thank you!"

Thank you for the blunt reminder of who I was and what my life looked like when it was completely devoid of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the stark call-back and recollection of what it looked like to only think of self, to only care about self, and to never consider those around me.

I think it does a person good to remember from where they came - the ashes from which Jesus has been able to redeem them.

The Gospel is offensive to those who don't know Him or don't think they need Him - and I am CLEARLY offensive to this person. But ya know what? I am a fundamentally different person than I was back then... and if that's offensive... I'm not sorry. I'm saved.


Evan said...


Jennifer said...

I've never commented before but feel compelled to today. I'm a preschool teacher, church bookstore employee, friend to several women in recovery from addiction and prostitution, wife and mom of three amazing kiddos in Minneapolis (yep, 7 degrees outside today!). : ) I want to encourage you and tell you what joy it is for me to read your blog. I obviously don't know you, but we share a love for Jesus and family and that makes us friends in my book. It sounds like you've got great perspective on the yuck. Your family's love for HIM shines through on your blog...that's why I so enjoy it. Peace and love to all of you!

Tymm said...

hi Jennifer! thanks so much for weighing in with the super kind words and encouragement. I am thankful you can see that in our family - it's a daily prayer of ours that we will look different!

And thanks for saying hi - i LOVE hearing from people out there following along!

Kathy said...

I recentely read a quote that says, don't judge me by my past..I don't live there anymore! Your way of sharing is so encouraging and your transparency is refreshing. You challenge me to do more, Love more and have fun doing it! God has given you a gift. I am SOOOOO thankful he has taken me out of the slimy pit, the mud and given me a Firm place to stand! Keep on Standing!!

Tymm said...

Kathy - those are some of the kindest, most encouraging words i have heard. Thank you!

And I am with you - happy, thankful and blessed to be out of the slimy pit!

HiliaryC said...

I have also been a long time reader and am now a first time commenter.

You don't seem to be a man who tries to hide his past. That combined with your general outlook on religion has inspired me to think more about its place in my own life and about what it means to live by those virtues and values. I wonder what makes this person think he could know your relationship with god better than you yourself could. How any rational person could claim you or your apparent lifestyle as offensive is beyond me.

The life you live and the values you instill in your children are more than admirable any way you look at it. I think you are an amazing man with an amazing family. You and your family inspire me. Your blog makes me think about being a better family member, about international adoption, about doing something meaningful for so many people and touching others lives in a positive way, about global travel, about the amazing lives of one of the 4 awesome kids you've been blessed to have in your life, about Africa, about god. I could go on! All of these are amazing things and at the very least your life stories make me smile and feel warm in my heart at the end of each day. Don't let anyone bring you down. Just remember how many of us you lift up!

Tymm said...

Holy Moly HiliaryC - thanks so much for your incredibly kind comment and thanks even more for saying "hi!" - we LOVE hearing from people who are reading the blog...

The stuff you wrote really touched my heart - I am thankful that God can use busted vessels like myself to maybe say something of value every now and then.

You know what else you did that did more than deeply touch my heart? You acknowledged Brighton when you said "4 Awesome Kids..."

And that means more than anything in the world to me. THANK YOU!!!