Saturday, January 25, 2014

Art In The City

For some people - "Art In The City" means a fancy dinner, some dressed up clothes and a slow walk through an art gallery. Not round these parts...

Nope - for us it meant these three troopers, a free community art program at Colorado College and some creative fun in a new city.

There was lots of cutting and trimming...

Some intense coloring with oil pastels... and lots of other fun art stuff.

And based on the smiles we were seeing...

I think everybody had a pretty good time!

Even this little dude - who couldn't pull off too much on his own - had a super good time copying everything his sisters did.

I am pretty sure mommy had the most fun of all though - at least with the modeling clay!

Overall - it was a GREAT day with my GREAT family. We drove around a bit afterwards just checking out the downtown area and Meron said:

"I know I am just seeing it for the first time but wow - I really like this downtown Colorado!"
Downtown Colorado. Too cute. But she was right - we thought the downtown area was cool too.

After a fun dinner out the day caught up with this crew and they were SPENT.

Rest up guys... tomorrow we HIKE!

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