Thursday, January 23, 2014

White Fluffy Stuff

These folks were bundled up like this today because we woke up to something like 4 inches of fresh, fluffy, powdery snow. There were 2 hour delays for a lot of things (all Air Force bases, Focus on the Family, meron's school, etc) - but not Compassion! Ain't no little snowstorm gonna stop us from helping out the kids across the globe!

So I got to try out my snowy road driving skills - and since Meron attends a 3 hour morning kindergarten - we opted for the "call this # if your child isn't coming in" route and let the kids head out for a little bit of fun!

Which - of course - turned into a snowball battle. Because when you've never seen snow before - balling it up and throwing it at people is the obvious favorite thing to do!

I think the smiles said it all - Meron was loving pelting her siblings with snow!

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be 55 degrees. Way warmer than today's high of 19. Glad this crew of Ethiopians from Georgia got to spend a day playing in it!

By the way Meron - nice shot with that snowball to the back on our evening walk - watch your back cuz your time is coming!

1 comment:

Mary DeGennaro said...

Tymm, gotta get those southern babies some snow boots now that we have move to Colorado!!!!
Looks like you are really enjoying your new environment, and your kids are amazing in their adjustment to such a major move.
I am a strong supporter of Compassion, having supported several girls over the years.
Love reading about your family!!