Sunday, March 2, 2014

Date Night With Jesus

Laura and I had our first date night in Colorado last night. And we actually went to a movie... this is a big deal because it's been seriously about 7 years since she and I went to see a movie in the theater together.

And I like to joke that it took Jesus to get her back in there because we the movie we went to see was Son of God.

10 years ago I sat in a theater watching The Passion of the Christ and my life was completely disrupted. I wasn't a Christian at the time (was simply there because Laura wanted to go) - but that film stirred something in my heart that was the start of something big in my life. it was slow at first and man did I fight it - but God can be relentless in His pursuit. And He caught me. And He did some downright unbelievable work in me.

Last night as I sat in the theater - 10 years almost to the DAY later (i think Passion released same weekend) - I couldn't help but get a bit emotional as I watched the story of my Savior (I can call Him that now!) played out on the big screen. A man I've come to love. To Honor. To worship. I said a silent prayer of thanks in it all - because if I wasn't living my life I almost wouldn't believe He could do what He's done in me. But He did. And continues to work...

Now I won't ruin anything for ya or give away the ending (HA!) - but go see it. And I know there will be people on both sides of the fence with this film - but here's one thing you simply can't debate.

Releasing children from poverty is a GOOD thing.

"What's that got to do with anything," you ask?

I'll tell ya.

Compassion International has partnered up with the makers of this film to give YOU a simple way to deal with that feeling you get inside when you are compelled to action. That feeling - you know - the one that rubs ya wrong, fires you up and makes you unable to concentrate on anything else until you have MOVED...

THAT'S the feeling that the writers of scripture were talking about when they talked about Jesus and His actions. His compassion always involved action. And yours can too... and should.

I know there are millions of causes to get behind in this world - and all are great I am sure. But if you're looking for an incredible way to release children from poverty in the name of Jesus - look no further than sponsoring a child through Compassion International.

And yes... I work there. But don't let this seem like some advertisement for them from me. I am six weeks into my work there and couldn't be MORE IMPRESSED by them as an organization. They are the real deal. Let's put it this way - I worked at another nonprofit for 5 years and never once challenged anybody to get involved with them.

But Compassion is different. And I do challenge you to consider investing in the life of a child... it will likely change you more than them.

So to recap... it's simple: go check out the new movie and then consider partnering up with Compassion International to make a HUGE difference in the life of a child.

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