Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well... It's About Time!

After almost 4 months here - we FINALLY managed to make some time to hang out with these guys!

This is Caleb and his family. His relentless posting of Colorado photos is a large part of what made us consider this area to live in. And he cheered us on as we moved across country...

Shame on us for waiting so long!

Zechie got to chill with an older version of himself...

And everybody had fun just hanging out.

Luckily... none of these showed up!

But God did!

We had a great time just chilling. But unfortunately - it'll be our last time because we found out that Meron's love for the Yankees butted right up against Sakari's love for the Red Sox....


We love us a friendly rivalry! Thank's David family for showing us a new park and sharing your awesomeness with us!

P.S. Yankees beat the Red Sox 9 to 3 tonight... there's room for you over on our side Sakari!

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