Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camp Hoffman High Tea

Mebbie got a new tea set this weekend and we wasted no time breaking it in with a little High Tea!

[insert Colorado jokes here...]

Actually - looking at that photo you might think we were all under the effect of something - but NOPE - that's just how we roll!

Mebski Love was the Princess of the moment and she was looking adorable!

And then there was this crazy sipper...

and her nutty sidekick!

Even the resident minion got in on it!

There was dancing, there was wooden pizza and wooden cake.

And overall - there was FUN!

It was a worthy celebration for a fun, family weekend in our house!

And honestly - anything that brings out laughter and good times like this - is well worth it!

I'll do tea with you guys anytime!


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