Monday, June 23, 2014

Feeling Like Home

This weekend we finally got some time to just hang out as a family, get some boxes unpacked and start to give our new house some touches of Camp Hoffman.

We got some of our favorite things hung up - like our Camp Hoffman board from Aunt Wendy...

And our giant and awesome Africa tapestry from Team Radicchi!

As we were just chilling together and getting things set up Meron sat back and said:

"Ahhh! You know what daddy? It's finally starting to feel like home!"
She has no idea what that does for a daddy's heart who has been worried about his family from the time we pulled out of our driveway in Atlanta!

Yes, Meron... it is starting to feel like home!

Oh - and then there's this.

It'd never be home without this

Home Sweet Camp Hoffman Home...

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