Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Peach The Giant Pumpkin

Meron can be a daddy's girl at times - theres no doubt about it. If daddy likes it and does it - Meron wants to do the same...

Well - I like to write.

And I think Meron may be testing those waters out too!

Today when I got home - she was quick to want to show me her new "book" she had written. It was called "Peech the jiyint pupcin" or "Peach The Giant Pumpkin" for those of you who don't read meronese.

The cover looked like this:

And the inside page looked like this:

The story goes like this:

Here's a little story I like to call "Peach the Giant Pumpkin."

One day peach met a pumpkin. He seemed weird to peach because he looked different. Then one day peach found out he wasn't weird.

The end.
She also knocked out a masthead type of page:

It read: "The author is Meron. The illustrator is Meron."

Outside of "everything" - you know what is awesome about this?

The content. Differences in characters. Recognizing differences as "not weird."

I've been praying about this kind of stuff for a LONG time for her. Silently - never spoken to her - but to God - and asking Him to prep her heart for her future - to give her insight and discernment and discretion.

What some might see as a silly story about a giant pumpkin named "peach" - I see as God working on her heart. And I am thankful.

Keep writing, Meron.

Keep on writing!

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