Sunday, July 27, 2014

How We Roll

After being gone for 9 days - Meron was ITCHING for some family time.

She petitioned hard all day long and finally got us all at Uncle Buck's for some evening bowling!

Everybody was pretty excited...

Even if mommy appeared to fall asleep while helping Z-Dogg!

Meron was pretty stoked to be here...

and she showed us that it didn't matter how ya got that ball down the lane...

while mommy showed off some of her yesteryear bowling league skills!

But let's be honest... we all know that BEARDED BOYS BOWL BETTER.

I mean seriously... look at that leg extension. And be jealous.

Zechie found the hand-cooler-air-blowing-thingie to be of great amusement as he used it to style his hair in between turns...

while Meron was almost eaten by a shark.

Overall - we had a BLAST!

Thanks Meron for pushing for some much needed family time!

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