Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lesson Plans

Lately I've been thinking about how much work God did in me through these little buggers.

It's kind of astounding.

My model for fatherhood growing up was pretty much loveless and totally Godless - giving me a deep-seated fear of failing at being a dad.

But God is so much bigger than that.

When I allowed Him into my world He went straight to work molding me and shaping me. And he used these guys in big ways to keep up that work.

He taught me faith... bold, bold faith. And strength. And love.

And how to live life wide open for Him.

He showed me what it looked like to really, really pray with a heart tuned to His.

And He showed me what it looked like for a child to really, really love a father.

And finally... finally... I was able to see HIM like that in my own life.

All earthly definitions of "father" had been defeated - and I was finally able to love Him like that.

As my Father.

Thankful today for the lesson plan He had in place for me and how He went about executing it...

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Unknown said...

Beautiful post and reminder friend. I truly believe our wait for LM was meant to be. I know my heart was opened and streteched to see and love behind the walls I was living behind. SO thankful for God's love, mercy and grace and the precious gift that He is allowing us to love.