Monday, July 21, 2014

We Are The Champions

The house was too quiet with the goofball gang all gone - so we figured out how to fix that.

Have 12 guys come crash at the house and bring home the gold medal in the Rocky Mountain State Games!

I played with an incredible flag football team back in Atlanta - and a few months back I sent an email to one of my best friends back there - kinda just joking - saying "hey - you guys should come out here for this flag tournament..."

Don't challenge these guys with flag football. Because 10 of them booked flights immediately and said "We're there."

And ya know what was better than bringing home the gold medals?

Playing with this incredible group of classy guys.

In a sport that watches teams unravel, fight, scream and yell - this team always stays calm, executes and well... wins.

But then - after every game - we invited the other team (who were typically kinda mad at us) to meet at the 50 yard line and pray with us.

And a lot of them did.

Just classy.

Thanks guys - for a great weekend - looking forward to snowboarding with you all soon... we can name our board team "Peaches" too.

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