Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back To School... Back To School...

I can't decide if it came too quickly or not quick enough... but either way - today was the first day of school!

And this year - we had us a big 'ole kindergartner!

And a super proud 1st grader!

The girls both got into a new charter school that is seriously only about .1 miles from our house!

We love that!

So this morning they met up with all of our "circle friends" and headed off to walk to school together...

The school is really neat - it looks like a giant barn!

It was a long day for them both - and they were both wiped out tonight...

But before they crashed - we nabbed the obligatory "interview" about their first day...

Girls - daddy and mommy are super proud of you guys!

Go out there and shine that light bright for Him this year!

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