Thursday, January 8, 2015

365 Days

1 year ago today... 365 days ago... we rolled into Colorado to start a new adventure.

We packed up all we knew - leaned into God and just tried to follow Him. And in return...?

In return He led us to sunrises like this one... like almost daily!

Then He turned right around and led us here...

To the new crib for Camp Hoffman!

But all along - all I was really worried about were these guys...

How would they handle this? Would they adapt? Would they make new friends? Would they be okay?

And they went and proved to me why kids are so awesome.

Why Jesus tells us to be more like them.

Not only did they adapt - but they have thrived.

Standing up for Him and shining bright in every situation they've been in.

And they've blessed me more than they'll ever know.

Camp Hoffman - here's to a pretty adventurous and fun year behind us - and to many, many more ahead!

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