Sunday, January 11, 2015

Body's A Temple

For a long time we've talked with the goofball gang about our bodies as temples - taking care of them - watching what we eat - calories in vs. calories out - exercising - etc, etc, etc

And they've kinda just gone along with us and all - but this past Friday - a certain 7 year old was able to get certified at the YMCA to be allowed on the equipment.


Now - it's like we're having to talk her OUT of exercising because she's wanting to do it CONSTANTLY.

Today - her and Laura attended their first class together - one designed for kids and their parents.

Meron LOVED it.

I'm so excited to see her so excited about something like this.

One of these days - a dream of mine would be to run a good, solid race with these goofballs.

Looking forward to that!

Keep it up Meron!

Mommy and daddy are super proud of your attitude towards it - and you're inspiring US!

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