Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christian Bullies

Does this girl look like a bully to you?

Yeah - me either.

Not too long ago though - some girl I knew light years ago in a tiny town during like elementary school - let's just call her "Julie" - called my kids "Christian Bullies."

Some QUICK back story - Julie had reached out to me a few years ago - moved by Brighton's story - and full of questions about God, asking me for prayer for her and her marriage - like deep intense stuff like "Can God forgive me for cheating?" and so on and so on...

Bear in mind - I hadn't spoken to her in like 30 years or something.

But I happily prayed for her - tried to be cordial and always answer when she messaged. She even rallied her church to support Brighton Their World financially - and that was incredibly kind and humbling.

But then... then I had to go and write my "Dear Church" series.

Wow. She was NOT a fan of that.

What took place next was a series of interactions that culminated in Julie calling my kids "Christian Bullies."

I thought about it a lot. It bothered me. I prayed about it - and it went away. But this week - Mebbie brought me a few drawings she had done.

Like this one:

It says (translated):

"Now, some people think the bible is a book of rules. They are wrong, it is about Jesus!
And it got me thinking... I guess maybe she was bullying me?

And then she came a few days later with this one:

This one says (translated):
"Pray always because He is with you Daddy"
And that's when it hit me.

Look whats tucked away in their hearts!

I never really believed anything Julie said to me about me, my family or my kids.

But satan tried to whisper in my ear that we were wrong or we were so different or our kids were TOO CHRISTIAN.

Ya know what satan? We're not. We're not any of that.

And thanks Julie - for giving me an opportunity to reflect on our goofball gang and allowing God to open my eyes to just how incredibly precious and special they are.

If that's bullying - I'll take it all day, every day.

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