Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Marco! Polo!

God has afforded us some pretty cool opportunities since our move out here.

And here's one of 'em.

That's Meron standing in a sculptor's studio.

See - through church - we met Mebbie's Sunday School teacher, Mr. Clay.

He was also an elder at church who just so happened to be... A SCULPTOR!

Here's Clay doing a body scan on Meron.

Why, ya ask? Easy... so he can come back to it as a reference when he sculpts statues of the goofball gang to be part of a large piece he was commissioned to do called "Marco Polo" that he asked our kids to be part of.

Here's Meron's little self scanned into the 3D software.


Next up was Z-Dogg... looking like he was hanging off the side of a swimming pool.

Because - that's how he'll be in the finished piece.

A piece that will be installed at a pool somewhere out of state (can't remember where right now - but we'll be making a trip to see it at some point) to depict a bunch of kids playing a fun game of Marco Polo!"

Then it was Mebbie's turn.

She is supposed to be sittin on the edge of the pool hollering out the game's namesake...

Captured and scanned!

Finally - Mr. Clay did some scans of just their heads.

It all required these guys to sit perfectly still.

Which is SUPER tough for this 3 year old wiggle worm... but he pulled it off!

We're all super excited about what this final piece is gonna look like - and kinda in awe of Clay and his super cool talents and gifts from God!

Wanna see some of the amazingly dope stuff Clay has done? Go check him out on Facebook or on the web...

Mr. Clay - thanks so much for inviting the goofball gang to be part of something pretty neat - but even more so for being a guy who loves God and chases after Him without squandering the talents He has given you!

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