Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Reason To Celebrate

When I hit the garage door and nobody ran outside, I thought "Huh... they must be downstairs playing..."

Because they always run outside to meet me.

Always... except when they're inside setting up a surprise for me to celebrate the last day of classes for me for two whole weeks!

This was ALL Meron.

The girl loves a reason to celebrate. And she loves her daddy. And she shows me every single day.

She was chatting me up at work on Google Talk saying "When are you leaving daddy? Come home!"

I had no idea she was rallying her brother and sister and putting together a big banner and a goodie tray complete with a "3" candle - the number of years I have been chipping away at this school thing...

Meron... you warm my heart. You make me smile so big.

The next two weeks are school-less for daddy, girl...


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