Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Compassion Experience

This afternoon we all had the privilege of getting to go visit the Compassion Experience - an immersive walk-through of what it's like for a child in poverty to move towards hope with the programs that Compassion offers and the love that comes with a sponsor.

Visit to learn more about this incredible experience and how you can visit an event near you!

These guys were pretty excited to get to "visit" Bolivia and Uganda!

It's a self-guided tour with iPod touches and headphones - so once we got all geared up - we were ready to go!

This girl here - who has a strong strong desire to work at Compassion one day - was super pumped!

And man - the experience was sooooo realistic - having been to Uganda (not Bolivia yet) - we felt like they captured it so well!

There was a heavy focus on the correspondence with sponsors and the hope that it brings the children.

And not to mention the emphasis on Jesus!

The models of the centers show how the health and hygiene of the kids is really important... both physically...

and spiritually!

Everybody in our camp was loving it.

Including this little dude who was pretty stoked to get to carry his own iPod.

These two girls were super moved - and the conversation carried on well in to the night.

Matter of fact - they were up for shooting a video when we got home to try and rally others to go experience this - and to sponsor kids in the process!

Check out their video below - with their heart-touching reminder that "We could have easily been one of those Compassion kids..."

Super thankful tonight - for an experience that reminded why I do what I do every day...

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Sara said...

I've followed your blog for a number of years as we adopted from Ethiopia around the same time thru Gladney as you did Mebie. We also went to the Compassion Experience a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME! It had a really big impact on my oldest's (10) understanding of poverty and why we sponsor.