Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Selfless, Sacrificial Giving

Selfless, sacrificial giving gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Today I pulled a big manilla envelope out of our mailbox that had these cards in it.. one for Meron, Mebbie and Zechie.

Inside were incredible words of encouragement and an amazingly generous donation towards each of them for their mission trip to Ethiopia this fall.

As I tried to read the cards out loud to everybody - I couldn't do it and had to hand off to Laura.

Meron yelled "You're crying!"

And yep. Yep I was.

The selflessness of it all - the caring about our family... and the fact that this super generous couple who sent us this is in the middle of an adoption of their own right now... well it was too much for me to handle.

But then... then this.

There weren't just three envelopes... there was a fourth one addressed to "BRIGHTON"

Inside was a card that read:

Yeah... talk about tears.

Guys - we do NOT take this generous, generous gift lightly...

We had lots of talks tonight with the goofball gang and we promise to be great stewards of the resources you have given us.

We can't wait to bring the whole family back to GA and tell you guys about the trip!


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