Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why The Church Matters

I used to be that guy.

That old "Yeah, Jesus is cool but the whole organized religion thing is stupid" kind of guy.

I mean - it kinda made sense before I knew God - but I was still hanging on to some of those anti-church sentiments long after He and I started to grow our relationship.

Old beliefs and habits can be tough to shake sometimes.

But then - over the last month and a half or so - this happened and then this happened...

And while He was crazy busy doing some miraculous work on Laura - He was also taking an opportunity to open my eyes a bit more to the church...

Strike that. Not "the church."

But rather... His Church.

Because - all of the things I had thought for 30+ years about the church - the buildings, the liars, cheaters and hypocrites that seemed to be representing it... they were all pretty far off base.

The Church wasn't about that stuff. The church might be... but His Church? NOT. AT. ALL.

Nope... the Church - I was learning - is more about His Light.

Imagine the lights go out around ya and you're standing in some of the darkest times you've known.

You do know Jesus - so you have His light shining - and it will illuminate just enough for you to take that next step.

That's faith... you know He's got you - but you gotta step forward in the dark.

Now imagine those same lights go out again - but this time your light seems to be WAY BRIGHTER.

Ya look around to see why - and you realize His people - His Church - have stepped up beside you in that time of darkeness - and suddenly - the distance you can see in your faith has grown. The light is way brighter.

And that's exactly what we were experiencing.

In what could have been some pretty dark and scary times - the light around us seemed to be almost blinding at times.

Prayers raised to Him on our behalf from ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

Messages, calls, letters, notes of encouragement.

Help with our kids.

Meals delivered.

Love poured out.

And as I continue to process all we experienced over those few weeks - I am realizing - we got hit head on by the Church.

And it didn't look like shiny new clothes, fancy and fun paint jobs, coffee in the lobby, loud worship music or catchy tweetable sermons.

Nope... it looked like people.


And THIS is exactly why the Church matters.

It's why He inspired the words He did in Acts - to lay out the importance of it all.

But you have to get up off your butt and go.

Because if you don't open those doors...

You'll miss out on seeing all of those people.

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