Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mission Trip Day 2 - Vouchers and Silver Linings

Well... Day 2 was a continuation of Day 1 for sure.

And Meron's face sums it up WELL right here.

While I find it ummm - not commendable but just "right" that United Airlines would offer hotel vouchers and $7 food vouchers per person to help us - I dunno - sleep and eat when they should have gotten us to our destination...

I find it NUTS that they took to Twitter to say "Hey man - I hear ya complaining - but we gave ya vouchers..." after I made it clear this was never about a hotel or food voucher - but about an entire lost day in our kids' birth country...

But - they just don't get it. Because they never took the time to try and hear the story (from what I am seeing online - they never do)...

This story isn't over yet. It could have a happy ending - more to come on that.

But rather than wallow in this angry spot about all of this - we're choosing to try and find some silver in those linings.

I mean... God kept us off that flight and had us walk through this mess for some reason.

Maybe it was so we could meet the incredibly kind woman who is stationed in Kuwait and stood in line with us for 4+ hours. We saw her again at the gate this morning and she walked over with a big smile and three bags from Starbucks - a cookie for each goofball.

Maybe it was Kevin - the dude at the front desk of the hotel we walked in to at 1:30 AM who helped us remember there were bigger fish to fry and plenty of reasons to smile.

Or maybe it was Vincent - the shuttle driver from Nigeria who drove us back to Houston's airport and was the owner of a wonderful belly laugh and a shiny outlook on life.

Could it have been so we could meet Evon - the follower of Jesus buried deep within customer service at United who said "I don't have to tell your family this - but He is up to something with you guys..."

Or was it so we could interact with Ronnie - the supervisor at United who FINALLY showed us that his organization does actually require a living beating heart in their employees...

Whatever it was - He had His reason and that's all that matters.

One of our biggest supporters and prayer warriors reminded us that HIs mercies are new every day.

That's exactly how we're choosing to start out tomorrow... HIS NEW MERCIES.

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