Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Family That Paints Together...

I'm blessed to work for an organization that cares about its employees - and so Friday the team I'm on at work got to cut out half day and we met up with the goofballs to do some "Painting with a twist!"

These guys were WAY into it!

They take their art very seriously...

And I was super proud...

of their finished products!

Matter of fact - our whole team turned out some pretty awesome work!

Bunch of closet artists!

When we got home - we started talking about how true artists name their works - and since that what we are - we present to you...

"Udder Happiness" by Mommy Hoffman

"Purple Water" by the Meronator

"Happy Sunshine" by Mebski Love (the artist formerly known as Mebrate)

"Joingo Boingo (aka Black Angus)" by Z-Dogg

"Nutter Udder" by Daddy Hoffman

Guys... daddy had an absolute blast with you getting our art on!

The family that paints together... gets all kinds of watercolors on themselves together!

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