Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What Are You Gonna Do?

It's a simple question we get asked when we say "We're going to Africa on our first family mission trip!"

And I absolutely love hearing the kids respond. They say things like:

"We're gonna feed babies...!" or,

"We're gonna help moms...!" and,

"We're gonna see where we were born!"

And those are ALL spot on!

But if you're looking for a little more detail on what we're doing - check out our preliminary itinerary and prayer requests that go along with it:


We leave Colorado springs to drive to Denver for a flight to Washington DC. We'll be spending the night in DC and getting up early to be at the airport the next morning.

PRAYERS: safe travels (car and plane), no baggage hassles, good sleep in DC.

Our flight leaves out of Washington DC (Dulles) around 11:00 AM EST. It's a straight flight to Addis Ababa.

PRAYERS: safe flight, easy flight for us and kids, the people around us - let them see HIM in us, the flight attendants, the pilots, that our luggage all makes it, that we get some sleep, the minds of our little ones as we get closer

We will land in Addis Ababa around 7:00 AM (their time). Guest house will pick us up (hoping it's Nebiat!) and we'll go back to the guest house to drop our bags, eat some breakfast and freshen up a little bit. We plan on going up Entoto Mountain for communion and worship. Next we will be making our visit to Brighton's grave. The whole reason any of this is going down. After that we'll do an early dinner/coffee at Kaldi's and then head back tot he guest house to prepare for Monday.

PRAYERS: that we're energized, all bags made it, no hassles as we clear the airport, that the goofball gang is comfortable and soaking it all in, that our time in communion and worship honors Him, that time spent at the grave site is well... I just pray that God is there with us. My heart feels nutty just thinking about it. Pray for the guest house staff, for Nebiat, for the people we will interact with at the restaurants and pray for sustained energy throughout the day and evening as we prepare for the next day.

breakfast at the guest house and then we head to Connected in Hope for the morning to work at their pre-school through crafts, songs and playing. We'll break for lunch and then spend the afternoon at Kebebe Tsehai orphanage doing much of the same - connecting through play, holding babies, feeding, praying. We'll do a cultural dinner that evening and wrap the night up with worship and prayer and talking about our day as a family.

PRAYERS: pray for divine interruptions and connections as we work with kids in touch places. for our own kids hearts and minds and souls to stay calm and know HE IS GOD while they process some tough stuff to see, smell, hear and understand. Pray our kids are as big a blessing to those they come in touch with as they are to us. I just know they will be. Pray for their stamina, their courage, their confidence and their hearts' ability to love. Pray for every single child and worker at both Connected in Hope and Kebebe Tsehai to feel Him in our presence.

after breakfast we'll be heading back to Connected in Hope for the morning again - the second day visits are always awesome because everybody feels like they know each other now! After lunch break we'll head back to Kebebe Tsehai for more of the same - loving, holding, hugging and playing. For dinner tonight we want to take our friends Mary Bet and Casey and Jerry and Christie Shannon and their families out to eat. They are full-time in country and we wanna just love 'em a little bit. Afterwards we'll process the day again as a family and do some prayer and worship.

PRAYERS: pray for our second visits with the kids at both locations. pray for their hearts and souls and that God is crystal clear to them. pray for the overall ministries, and for Kebebe Tsehai, one of the toughest places on the planet to be a kid (in my opinion). Please pray for the families of our friends who have sacrificed much to go serve full time in country. Pray the small gesture of dinner and us praying for them can give them strength in what they do. Continue to pray for our goofballs - as days pass, things may get harder for them to understand and process - we need God to be on that not us...

After breakfast we are loading up for the trip down south to visit schools that the Pickers are working at in Ziway and Adami Tulu. After spending some time there we will travela bit further and spend the night in Awassa.

PRAYERS: please pray for safe travels south for us, for good rest for the trip, for peaceful state of mind for the whole family. Please pray specifically for Mebbie - as this is the region she was born in. While doing that - please pray for Meron's heart, soul and mind as well as we actually do not have the info on her place of birth. Pray for nothing short of amazing sleep for us tonight. BIG PRAYER - this IS in a malaria zone so we will be taking preventative meds - just prayers for no side effects and good coverage - and actually - i just pray we see ZERO mosquitoes.

We'll be spending the day in Awassa today - a lot of this day is for Mebbie to soak it all in. We haven't identified any ministries or activities we'll do yet. Afternoon we will head back to Addis and have dinner before grouping back up to pray, worship and discuss that trip down south.

PRAYERS: please pray so hard for Mebbie here. She is our resident deep thinker and she will be thinking deeply - we just know it. Pray that God - the only one capable of it - can calm her heart, rest her soul and give us the words to speak to her when she needs to hear them. Pray for safe travels back up to Addis and an all-around great day for the family.

After breakfast we will depart for the Connected in Hope pre-school again and spend the morning with our new friends there again. Before lunch we will leave and head to Embracing Hope Ethiopia for a tour and to see how things are going there (we LOVE these guys). We'll have a bagged lunch on the road as we head back to Keebe Tsehai for one last visit - no activities planned just hanging out, hugging and saying our goodbyes. After a dinner and coffee ceremony back at the guest house, we will pack up and head back to the airport for an 11:00 PM departure back tot he states..

PRAYERS: sustained energy and zeal for HIM - this is getting towards the end - and this kind of stuff - even for short periods - is tiring. prayers for the kids - that they will continue to shine and be loud for Him. Pray for old relationships and new ones we make - as we say goodbye and prep to head home. Pray for no airport troubles, pray for smooth departure and pray for rest on the flight.

After landing in DC, catching a connecting flight to Denver and driving back down to Colorado Springs - we will be home and ready to rest!

PRAYERS: pray for safe travels, safe and easy transitions between flights and easy access through customs. Pray for the minds, hearts and souls of the whole family but especially the goofballs as coming back into the country after what you've been doing is always super hard. Pray for amazing rest when we get home - this will have been a super fast trip packed full. We'll need to rest...

And all you prayer warriors who have signed up to be in prayer with our team on this trip... you have no idea what it means to us. Couldn't do it without ya...

Now let's go point back at Him!


Mary DeGennaro said...

Tymm, will definitely be praying for your whole family as you make this amazing journey to Ethiopia. I will particularly be praying for the goofballs. I have not met them but I feel like I know them, and I love them. I know they will all shine for the Lord as you minister in their land of birth. Can't wait to see the pictures and here all about how God uses all of you.

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for safe travels. God Bless your awesome family and all you do for others! Have a safe and blessed trip.

God Bless,