Monday, November 30, 2015

Are Those Sleigh Bells I Hear?

Tonight... we got festive!

With the snow o the ground and the chill in the air it felt like the right time to bust out the decorations, the tree and the Christmas tunes.

And the goofball gang was WAY into it!

Their giddy joy was super fun to watch!

At times the "giddy joy" spilled over in to the realm of "creepy elf" but still... it was fun (when it wasn't terrifying).

I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to spending the Christmas season with these guys. No school for me until mid-January so there's gonna be lots of hanging out with the goofballs for me!

We even busted out our very own "Elf On The Shelf" in preparation for Ralph's arrival tomorrow!

Seriously... we may need to start marketing a Z-Dogg On The Shelf.. cuz he's got it down pat!

Guys... I love this time of year and can't wait to celebrate Him with you over the next month!

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Mary DeGennaro said...

Z-Dog on the Shelf made me laugh out loud! So cute!