Monday, November 9, 2015

Camp Hoffman Hat Trick

November 9th is a big fatty of a day for us round these parts.

It's our Camp Hoffman Hat Trick day...

First off - it's the day this hottie up there (not the one in the red) and me decided to call it "FOREVER."

We celebrated 13 years of marriage today.

And when I think about all we have experienced, been challenged with, gone through and grown through... it blows my mind!

I'm thankful for her. She keeps me grounded, she keeps me focused, she keeps me loved... she keeps me alive.

Laura - I love you with every thing I got. Looking forward to whatever He brings us next!

Up next - it was birthday time....

These two dudes right here actually share a birthday!

Nuts, I know. And their ages are both represented in those candles... (no, I'm not turning 2).

A hat trick day like this will wipe ya out - so more details to come!

Thanks so much for all the love, well-wishes, gifts and encouragement today.

You guys are the coolest!

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