Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mid-Week Date Night

"Daddy... can you check your calendar on the computer and see if you're free Wednesday night?"

An odd request from an 8 year old - but check it I did.

And I was free. I asked her what she was up to (I could see that look in her eye). Her response:

"Well... I want to take you on a date for your birthday. With my own money. I can't go Tuesday because I have art club and I can't go Thursday because I have basketball... can you go to the movies with me on Wednesday night?"

Of. Course. I. Can.

And so tonight - I met my date at the theater for a 5:00 showing.

She pulled out her little pink Hello Kitty wallet and carefully counted out her money to buy two tickets and a popcorn-Icee combo for us.

With about 15 minutes left in the movie - she whispered:

"Daddy - can I lift this?" as she pointed at the arm rest between us.

I said "of course" and she ended the movie snuggled up on my arm - almost asleep.

I do not deserve this kind of blessing.

This night will not soon be forgotten...

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