Thursday, November 5, 2015

Prioritize While Ya Can

"Daddy... over here! Over here!"

She was waving and jumping up and down before I was even out of the Jeep.

She waved me over and grabbed my hand and held on tight.

She was beaming a pretty big smile across her face... truthfully?

I was too.

Almost a month earlier she had asked me to come with her on her class field trip to the Cliff Dwellings.

Honestly - there were a million reasons to say no.

Work was busy. School was busy.

And on this particular day - there was a super big meeting at work.

But... I made it happen.

And I got to see my girl soaking in some history...

Learning about the Anasazi and their culture and lifestyles...

Climbing up ladders to explore the insides of some tiny cliff dwellings...

and painting her own clay pot!

We all know there will be a bazillion other super important meetings at work. No concern there.

But there will never be another 2nd grade field trip for Meron.

I asked her tonight if she was ever gonna reach an age when she didn't want me to come on field trips with her.

She smiled and said, "Maybe when I'm 80."

Ya know what though? I'm not gonna risk it.

Our kids need to know they're more important than our own school and our own important work meetings.

Today - as I made her top priority - I hope she understood where she sits in my world.

Meron - thank you for wanting me to be with you.

There was nowhere else I would have rather been...

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