Sunday, November 15, 2015

Run For Brighton - 2015 Brighton Their World Virtual 5k

Today kicked off DAY 1 of 15 days of virtual races to support the 2015 Brighton Their World 5k series...

And of course we had to get outside and support it!

We're gonna do our official family 5k in Arkansas over Thanksgiving - but we'll be "training" it up a bit over the next week or so and I've mentally committed to running virtually with anybody who asks or doing a 5k every day if nobody asks.

So tonight - we got it on!

We started wth some warm ups... Meron knocked out some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing...

Z-Dogg dropped and pounded out some push-ups...

While Mebbie went straight for the core work!

Mommy gave us some picture perfect push-ups and then took it up a notch with some one-armed planks... OVERACHIEVER!

Me? Oh I jumped up and down while holding a mini-basketball...

Cuz that's what beardos (bearded weirdos) do!

Then we hit the trails/streets and knocked out 3.25 miles!

Wanna get in on this crazy fun with us? You can make an impact from wherever you are, at whatever pace ya wanna do it!

Visit to sign up and help us feed some babies!

And remember: "It just takes a little, to change a lot!"

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