Sunday, November 1, 2015

Slow Your Roll... This Girl Just Turned 8!

8 years ago God grabbed a pile of His clay and started molding a miracle.

It blows my mind that as He breathed life into this precious creation of His - that He knew where we were, what was coming soon for us and He was already building a way to ease our pain and fix our hearts and more importantly - give us a vessel through which to learn more about Him.

After He stretched, and tugged and molded her just right - He brought her to be.

And I couldn't be any more thankful...

This year - we gave Meron the option of a shopping spree or a party with her friends - we just couldn't afford both (and we like to avoid overkill).

It only took a second for her to say "Party with my friends!"

That's just who she is - Ms. Relational!

So a bowling party at Bass Pro's Uncle Buck's bowling alley is where we landed!

There was much fun to be had on the lanes... and just watching these kids together - I was so impressed.

Meron - what a GREAT group of kids you have chosen to call friends... these guys were all so friendly, so polite and everybody got along awesome.

Even Z-Dogg got in on the fun!

Soon it was time for the pizza party portion of the party...

Followed by a pretty dope ice cream bar!

After all that sugar - an impromptu game of tag broke out before the parents showed up to get their kids!

Overall - i think this picture sums up the party perfectly - lots of fun, smiles and laughing!

Meron - I doubt that you will ever fully understand the impact your young little life has had in my own life and that of mommy's and countless other folks.

But this I will tell you... the last 8 years have been some of the best years of my entire life.

We love you girl... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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